Unofficial OpenGL Software Development Kit  0.5.0
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Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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oCrefs::array_ref< T >A constant reference to an array
oCglmesh::AttribDescDescribes the storage for a single vertex attribute
oCglmesh::CpuDataExceptionBase class for all CpuDataWriter specific exceptions
|\Cglmesh::IncompleteVertexExceptionThrown when attempting to get vertices from a CpuDataWriter when a vertex is incomplete
oCglimg::loaders::dds::DdsLoaderExceptionBase class for all exceptions thrown by the DDS loaders
|oCglimg::loaders::dds::DdsFileMalformedExceptionThrown if the DDS data is not a valid DDS format
|oCglimg::loaders::dds::DdsFileNotFoundExceptionThrown if the DDS file could not be opened
|\Cglimg::loaders::dds::DdsFileUnsupportedExceptionThrown if the DDS format uses features that the loader cannot yet handle
oCglimg::DimensionsDescribes the dimensionality of an image
oCglmesh::DrawExceptionBase class for all Draw specific exceptions
|oCglmesh::PrimitiveTypeUnsupportedExceptionThrown when creating a Draw with a primitive type that the current OpenGL implementation does not support
|oCglmesh::TooFewVerticesSentExceptionThrown when drawing with Draw and you did not provide as many vertices as promised
|oCglmesh::TooManyVerticesSentExceptionThrown when calling Attrib and you are writing more vertices than you promised
|\Cglmesh::VertexCountPrimMismatchExceptionThrown when the primitive type and vertex count cannot be used together
oCglmesh::VertexFormat::EnableRAII-style class for binding a VertexFormat to the OpenGL context
oCglutil::FontThe class that represents a series of glyphs as well as the information to layout a string of text
oCglutil::GlyphQuadData type for a single glyph
oCglimg::ImageCreationExceptionBase class for all exceptions thrown by ImageCreator
|oCglimg::ArrayOutOfBoundsExceptionThrown if the ImageCreator is asked to insert an image outside of the arrayCount
|oCglimg::BadFaceCountExceptionThrown if the ImageCreator is given a face count other than 1 or 6
|oCglimg::CubemapsMustBe2DExceptionThrown if the user attempts to provide a cubemap that isn't two-dimensional
|oCglimg::FaceIndexOutOfBoundsExceptionThrown if the ImageCreator is asked to insert an image outside of the faceCount
|oCglimg::ImageSetAlreadyCreatedExceptionThrown when attempting to do anything except destroy an ImageCreator object after calling ImageCreator::CreateImage
|oCglimg::MipmapLayerOutOfBoundsExceptionThrown if the ImageCreator is asked to insert an image outside of the mipmapCount
|oCglimg::No3DTextureArrayExceptionThrown if the user attempts to have 3D array images, which are not allowed
|\Cglimg::NoImagesSpecifiedExceptionThrown if the mipmap or array count is not greater than zero
oCglimg::ImageCreatorA factory object for creating ImageSet objects
oCglimg::ImageFormatAn immutable combination of image format parameters
oCglimg::ImageSetRepresents a set of images that can be stored in a texture object
oCglutil::InvalidEncodingExceptionThrown if a supposedly UTF-8 encoded string is not valid UTF-8
oCglimg::InvalidFormatExceptionThrown if an invalid format is used by any API. Usually contains an explanation of the problem
oCglload::LoadTestStores data to detect if an extension loaded correctly
oCglmesh::StreamBuffer::MapA RAII-style class for mapping a StreamBuffer
oCglutil::MatrixStackImplements a stack for glm::mat4 transformations
oCglmesh::MeshAn object that represents a static collection of mesh data
oCglutil::ObjectDataUtility object containing the ObjectPole's position and orientation information
oCglutil::ObjectPoleMouse-based control over the orientation and position of an object
oCglimg::OpenGLPixelTransferParamsContains the pixel transfer parameters for OpenGL texture upload functions
oCglutil::PushStackRAII-style object for pushing/popping MatrixStack objects
oCglmesh::RenderCmdListA list of rendering commands to be used by a Mesh
oCglmesh::SeparateAttribFormatTagUsed in VertexFormat::Enable to differentiate constructors
oCglutil::ShaderExceptionBase class for all exceptions thrown by shader and program creation functions
|oCglutil::CompileLinkExceptionThrown if the compilation or linking fails. The log will be stored in this exception
|\Cglutil::SeparateShaderNotSupportedThrown if the user requests the creation of separate programs, but the implementation cannot do that
oCglimg::SingleImageRepresents a single image of a certain dimensionality
oCglimg::loaders::stb::StbLoaderExceptionBase class for all exceptions thrown by the STB loaders
|\Cglimg::loaders::stb::UnableToLoadExceptionThrown when the STB loader could not load the image
oCglmesh::StreamBufferA class for streaming vertex data to buffer objects on the GPU
oCglmesh::StreamBufferExceptionBase class for all exceptions thrown by StreamBuffer and StreamBuffer::Map
|oCglmesh::NotEnoughRemainingStorageForMapExceptionThrown when mapping a StreamBuffer and the current offset + range would exceed the size of the StreamBuffer
|oCglmesh::NotEnoughStorageForMapExceptionThrown when mapping a StreamBuffer and it does not have enough room for the requested map size
|\Cglmesh::StoreAlreadyMappedExceptionThrown when the StreamBuffer is mapped and you attempt to call a function that requires the StreamBuffer to not be mapped
oCglimg::TextureGenerationExceptionBase class for all exceptions thrown by the texture loaders
|oCglimg::CannotForceDSAUsageThrown when using the FORCE_DSA flag and the OpenGL implementation doesn't support it
|oCglimg::CannotForceRenderTargetExceptionThrown when using the FORCE_REQUIRED_FORMATS flag and the format could not be converted to a required one without compromising data
|oCglimg::CannotForceTextureStorageThrown when using the FORCE_TEXTURE_STORAGE flag and the OpenGL implementation doesn't support it
|oCglimg::ImageFormatUnsupportedExceptionThrown if the image format cannot be used because the OpenGL implementation doesn't support the format
|oCglimg::TextureUnexpectedExceptionThrown because the texture type is not yet supported by GL Image
|\Cglimg::TextureUnsupportedExceptionThrown if the texture type that was asked to be created is not supported by this OpenGL implementation
oCglimg::UncheckedImageFormatRepresents a potentially valid image format
oCglutil::UniqueProgramRAII object for managing a program object
oCglutil::UniqueShaderRAII object for managing a shader object
oCglmesh::VertexFormatDescribes the layout for a sequence of vertex attributes, to be used for rendering
oCglmesh::VertexFormatExceptionBase class for all exceptions thrown by AttribDesc, VertexFormat and VertexFormat::Enable
|oCglmesh::AttributeDataInvalidExceptionThrown if the values passed to AttribDesc's constructor are not allowed
|oCglmesh::AttributeDataUnsupportedExceptionThrown if the values passed to AttribDesc's constructor do not meet the implementation-specific requirements
|\Cglmesh::AttributeIndexMultipleRefExceptionThrown if VertexFormat is given two AttribDesc objects that use the same attribute index
oCglmesh::VertexWriter< Sink >Base class, using CRTP, that provides a framework for writing vertex attributes to arbitrary locations
oCglmesh::VertexWriter< CpuDataWriter >
|\Cglmesh::CpuDataWriterAllows immediate mode drawing to a CPU buffer, rather than a buffer object
oCglmesh::VertexWriter< Draw >
|\Cglmesh::DrawRAII-style class for immediate-mode type rendering through a VertexFormat and StreamBuffer
oCglmesh::VertexWriterExceptionBase class for all VertexWriter specific exceptions
|\Cglmesh::MismatchWriterTypeExceptionThrown when the type the VertexWriter::Attrib functions are used with does not match the type of the attribute as defined by the VertexFormat
oCglutil::ViewDataUtility object containing the ViewPole's view information
oCglutil::ViewProviderAbstract base class used by ViewPole to identify that it provides a viewing matrix
|\Cglutil::ViewPoleMouse-based control over the orientation and position of the camera
\Cglutil::ViewScaleUtility object describing the scale of the ViewPole