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glutil::UniqueShader Class Reference

#include <Shader.h>

Inherits noncopyable.

RAII object for managing a shader object.

This object manages the lifetime of a shader object. It represents a uniquely-owned shader object. It is implicitly convertible to GLuint, so you can use it more or less wherever you used a GLuint before.

It is explicitly non-copyable. C++11 would eventually allow move-semantics, but that's not widely available enough to directly support. If you need to transfer ownership, it is swappable, so you'll have to make due with using `swap`.

This RAII-style class makes it easy to be exception-safe with shader objects.

: Implement C++11 move semantics.

Public Member Functions

 UniqueShader ()
 An empty UniqueShader, with shader name 0.
 UniqueShader (GLuint shader)
 Create a UniqueShader from an existing shader object.
 ~UniqueShader ()
 Destroys the owned shader object, if any.
void swap (UniqueShader &other)
 Exchanges shader ownership between the two objects.
 operator GLuint () const
 Implicit conversion to shader object.
void reset (GLuint newShader=0)
 The given shader becomes the current shader; the old one is deleted.
GLuint release ()
 Abandons ownership of the currently-owned shader object. More...

Member Function Documentation

GLuint glutil::UniqueShader::release ( )

Abandons ownership of the currently-owned shader object.

After calling this function, the shader object will be unowned. It will not have been destroyed.

The shader object that used to be owned.

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