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glimg::SingleImage Class Reference

#include <ImageSet.h>

Represents a single image of a certain dimensionality.

The internal data of the image can be retrieved. Objects of this type can be retrieved from an ImageSet, via ImageSet::GetImage.

This object uses reference semantics. Every copy of it will refer to the same image from the same ImageSet.

Public Member Functions

Dimensions GetDimensions () const
 Get the dimensions of the image.
ImageFormat GetFormat () const
 Get the format of the image.
const void * GetImageData () const
 Retrieves a pointer to this image's pixel data. More...
size_t GetImageByteSize () const
 Returns the size in bytes of the image's pixel data.

Member Function Documentation

const void* glimg::SingleImage::GetImageData ( ) const

Retrieves a pointer to this image's pixel data.

The format of this pixel data is defined by the ImageFormat returned from GetFormat().

Do not delete this pointer. It is owned by this object (and the ImageSet it came from).

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