Unofficial OpenGL Software Development Kit  0.5.0
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glimg Directory Reference


file  DdsLoader.h [code]
 Has all of the DDS-based loaders.
file  glimg.h [code]
 Includes everything in the GL Image library.
file  ImageCreator.h [code]
 Include this to gain access to the ability to create ImageSets manually.
file  ImageCreatorExceptions.h [code]
file  ImageFormat.h [code]
 Contains all of the enums and objects related to formats.
file  ImageSet.h [code]
 Contains the ImageSet class and associated objects.
file  Loaders.h [code]
 Includes all of the image loaders.
file  StbLoader.h [code]
 Has the STB-based image loading functions.
file  TestLoader.h [code]
file  TextureGenerator.h [code]
 Functions for generating textures and OpenGL-specific information.
file  TextureGeneratorExceptions.h [code]
 Exceptions for texture generation functions.