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GenMeshMisc.h File Reference

Various miscellaneous mesh generators. More...

#include "GenDescriptors.h"
#include "GenCommon.h"

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namespace  glmesh
 The main namespace for the GL Mesh library. All GL Mesh functions are in this namespace.


Mesh * glmesh::gen::FullScreenQuad ()
 A mesh of a full-screen quad. Useful for post-processing effects. More...
Mesh * glmesh::gen::GroundPlane (int numXVerts, int numYVerts, bool bDoubleSided=true)
 A mesh ground plane. Can be double-sided and arbitrarily tessellated. More...

These generators build larger, complex structures out of smaller functional units. These shapes are useful for showing off lighting and other effects. These functions are parameterized, allowing them to produce structures of arbitrary (within reason) sizes.

Mesh * glmesh::gen::CubeBlock (int numCubesOnEdge, const ColorArray &colorSequence=ColorArray())
 Creates a cubical block of cubes in an alternating pattern. More...
Mesh * glmesh::gen::CubePyramid (int numCubesTall, const ColorArray &colorSequence=ColorArray())
 Creates a pyramid made of cubes, in an alternating pattern. More...

Detailed Description

Various miscellaneous mesh generators.